NMRPipe Processing Functions
QART: Scaling for Quad Artifacts.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -a aVal 0.0 Amplitude Adjustment.
 -f fVal 0.0 Phase Adjustment.
Automatic Value Determination:
 -auto Find a and f Values Automatically Via Grid Search.
Freq-Domain Region for Auto Mode:
 -x1 xLoc1 1 First Point to Use.
 -xn xLocN SIZE Last Point to Use.
 -y1 xLoc1 1 First Slice to Use.
 -yn yLocN Y1 Last Slice to Use.
Time-Domain Region for Auto Mode:
 -head skipPts 0 Points to Skip.
 -size tSize SIZE Points to Use.
Grid Search Parameter Limits for Auto Mode:
 -aMin -0.01 Minimum A Value.
 -aMax +0.01 Maximum A Value.
 -aCnt 16 A Increment Count.
 -fMin -0.01 Minimum F Value.
 -fMax +0.01 Maximum F Value.
 -fCnt 16 F Increment Count.
  R' = R
  I' = (1+a)*I + f*R

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