NMRPipe Processing Functions
PS: Phase Correction.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -p0 p0Deg 0.0 Zero Order Phase, Degrees
 -p1 p1Deg 0.0 First Order Phase, Degrees.
 -inv Inverse Phase Correction
 -hdr Use Phase Values in Header.
 -noup Don't Update Values Header.
Reconstructing Imaginaries:
 -ht Use Hilbert Transform to reconstruct imaginaries.
 -zf Use Temporary Zero Fill with the Hilbert Transform.
Non-Linear (Exponential) Phase Correction:
 -exp Use Exponential Correction.
 -tc tc 0.0 Exponential Decay Constant.
Time-Domain Phase Correction for Freq Shift (Valid Units: Pts Hz ppm %):
 -rs rPts 0.0 Right Shift Point Count.
 -ls lPts 0.0 Left Shift Point Count.
 -sw Adjust Sweep Width and ppm calibration.
  1. Linear correction: p0 + p1*f
  2. Exponential correction: p0*exp( -tc*f )

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