NMRPipe Processing Functions
POLY: Polynomial Subtract for Time-Domain Solvent Correction and Frequency-Domain Baseline Correction.

Baseline Region Coordinates (Valid Units: Pts Hz ppm %):
Flag Argument Default Description
 -sx1 x1 1 Polynomial Subtraction Region Start.
 -sxn xn SIZE Polynomial Subtraction Region End.
 -fx1 y1 1 Initial Fit Region Start.
 -fxn yn SIZE Initial Fit Region End.
 -x1 y1 1 Sets -sx1 and -fx1.
 -xn yn SIZE Sets -sxn and -fxn.
 -nl list No Node List, Pts.
 -nw wide 1 Node Width +/- Pts.
Other Parameters:
 -ord pOrd 4 Polynomial Order.
 -nc cnt 0 Initial Fit Nodes.
 -first No Use First Points.
 -last No Use Last Points.
 -avg No Use Node Averages.
 -filt No Use Sine Filter. Requires -avg flag.
Time-Domain Correction for Solvent Subtraction:
 -time Uses these Defaults: -avg -nw 16 -fx1 NW+4 -nc SIZE/(2*NW+1)
Frequency-Domain Automated Baseline Correction:
 -auto No Auto Baseline.
 -window 8 Noise Analysis Window Length, Pts.
 -frac 0.33 Minimum Fraction of Data which is Baseline.
 -nf 1.5 Noise Adjustment Factor.
 -noise 0.0 RMS Noise Value. Default is Auto.
Fourier Series Correction (Not Implemented):
 -sine No Use Fourier Series.
 -p0 0.0 Zero Order Phase.
 -p1 0.0 First Order Phase.
Time Domain Adjustments:
 -noseq No Adjustment for Sequential Data.
 -nodmx No Adjustment for Digital Oversampled Data Data.
Time Domain Correction Notes:
  Sequential Data Is Adjusted Automatically.
  Digital Oversampled Data (Bruker DMX and JEOL Delta) Is Adjusted Automatically.

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