NMRPipe Processing Functions
Maximum Likelihood Frequency Map

ML Size, Linewidth, Conv Window: (also: -x -y -z):
Flag Argument Default Description
 -fSize rN 2*SIZE Frequency Domain Size for Output.
 -p0 p0 0.0 Zero-Order Phase or List.
 -p1 p1 0.0 First-Order Phase.
 -lw lw 0.0 Linewidth, Hz.
 -wName wName None Window Function File.
Input Region Limits (also -ty1 -tyn -tz1 -tzn):
 -tx1 itx1 1 First Point of Region.
 -txn itxn TSIZE Last Point of Region.
Output Region Limits (also -fy1 -fyn -fz1 -fzn):
 -fx1 ifx1 1 First Point of Region.
 -fxn ifxn FSIZE Last Point of Region.
Other Parameters:
 -sign Created a Signed Frequency Map.
 -iseed iseed 543217 Random Number Seed.
 -trials nc 1 Random Trials Per Freq.
 -sigma s 1.0 Noise Estimate.
 -bf f 0.333 Baseline Fraction.
 -ndim n 1 Dimension Count (1-3).
 -report lev 0 Report Verbose Level.
 -sw Adjust Sweep Width and ppm calibration.

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